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Handyman Service

handyman service Lubbock

C & C Construction provides you with a full range of handyman services in order to provide you with the assistance and upkeep you need around your home. With the various skilled we’ve picked up through providing remodeling Lubbock, Wolfforth, Buffalo Springs, Shallowater, Idalou, Slaton and all of Lubbock County has come to count on, we have the ability to bring a high level of expertise and experience to all manner of tasks and offer this service as a means to give homeowners across the city the access they need to affordable and capable handyman services.

Electrical Work

Attempting to carry out electrical work you need done within your property on your own can be a hazardous situation yet bringing in a full electrical company can be an expense you’d rather not incur. By turning to the handyman Lubbock, TX depends on for minor services, you have the capability to deal with these smaller situations easily and affordably. Whether looking to bring in a new outlet or light switch, rewiring an appliance or otherwise, turning to the services that Lubbock Handyman provides to the city will bring you the quality results you’re looking for while remaining affordable.


Much like electrical work, attempting to carry out your own plumbing can be a messy and potentially worrisome situation. When looking to add a new fixture to your kitchen or bathroom or to deal with various smaller issues that can plague your Lubbock, Wolfforth, Buffalo Springs, Shallowater, Idalou, Slaton and all of Lubbock County area home, turning to the capability of C & C Construction will ensure that you have the right professionals at your side ready to provide you with the results you’re looking for quickly and more affordably than a plumbing company. No matter the small services you need, our handyman service is here to bring you results.

Interior Assistance

From small appliance repair to cabinetry work, door replacement to AC installation, we provide you with a whole host of different interior handyman services for you to take advantage of. No matter the task you have at hand, making the choice to reach out to our experts for your needs will bring reliability in response and the affordability you need to choose the service in confidence. When looking for a reliable handyman service that’s capable of any and all tasks within your Lubbock County area home, choosing to reach out to Lubbock Handyman Services will deliver on your needs.

Exterior Carpentry

We not only bring attention to your interior needs when it comes to our handyman services, providing you with the exterior assistance and carpentry you need. Whether it’s a repair to your fence or gate, gazebo, deck, patio or other installations outside of your home, making the call toC & C Construction will bring you the immediate response you need and the ability to deal with any situation quickly. When looking for a dependable delivery of a variety of different handyman services, choosing the expertise of Lubbock Handyman will deliver quickly, dependably and at an affordable rate.

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